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Welker at Automate 2023


Welker exhibited at one of Automate's best attended shows with a record of more than 30,000 registrants, in Detroit, MI. Automate is well known for its large number of exhibitors showcasing advanced and innovative products for automation, robotics, vision, motion control, and more.



New MES Linear Slide


The new MES Linear Slide is a mini version of Welker’s standard part presentation slide. Belt-drive operation with servo actuator, offered with strokes to 3720mm. For light duty applications: single transfer payload max 250 lbs.

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Welker at IMTS

Welker was one of 2,000 exhibitors at IMTS in Chicago. IMTS – The International Manufacturing Technology Show, is the largest and longest-running industry trade show in the Western Hemisphere.

Welker at IMTS22


New Look!

Welker products are "putting on the tuxedo" for a new look! Steel details that have been traditionally gold in color will now be black. The new look will be gradually applied, as existing gold inventory is depleted. Gold will still be available, upon request, to maintain existing program appearance.



Welker at Automate

Automate 2022

Welker was one of 600+ exhibitors at this year's Automate, a "best ever" show.
Automate began in 1977 as the International Robots, Vision & Motion Control Show, and returned to Detroit this year. The expo is the largest solutions-based showcase of automation, robotics, vision, motion control and more in North America.



New BP1 Lockout

BP1 Group

BP1 Lockout Pins are a compact motion security solution that feature a pneumatic retractable pin. With optional spring extend, an air loss mechanically triggers pin extension. Promotes safe machine operation and maintenance. BP1 with 3/4" diameter pin provides 750 lb lockout load capacity, available in 25 and 50mm strokes. BP1 with 1/2" diameter pin provides 500 lb lockout load capacity with 25mm stroke. All units offer multi-side mounting: base mount or pilot nose mount. Optional cylinder switch.
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FIRST Robotics Sponsorship

Regina First

Welker is a proud sponsor of Regina High School's FIRST Robotics Team, in Warren, Michigan. FIRST Robotics is a charitable organization that inspires young people through STEM mentorship programs. Regina's team will compete in the Macomb district tournament March 31-April 2 at Macomb Community College.
Go Saddlebots!



Wire Clamp Update ~ TCA

TCA wire clamp

Welker's wire clamp has been updated with a new cylinder and new part number. Same great features, the TCA accommodates wire or tube diameters 3.0 thru 10.0mm. Wire is spring retained in the clamped position without air for safe operator loading. Hardened partcontact surfaces are weld spatter resistant for long life. A lightweight aluminum body provides dual NAAMS standard mounting surfaces. This compact wire clamp is ideal for seating applications, instrument panel assembly, appliance and exhaust systems manufacturing.
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Welker at Fabtech Expo 2021

Welker at Fabtech

Welker returned to in-person trade shows this year at Fabtech, in Chicago. The crowds were light, but no less enthusiastic. Attendees were able to spend more technically focused time with Welker Sales Team members, exploring solutions to their automation concerns. This year's display featured the new LPM slide and the new pass-thru ground blocks GBM & GBP.
Fabtech is North America's largest metal forming, fabricating, welding and finishing event.



New Pass-Thru Ground Blocks


Welker adds two new pass-thru units to the ground block group. GBP is a pneumatic version of the current spring actuated GBS (formerly S03013). GBM is a spring actuated micro ground block. Pass thru ground blocks move the grounding cable away from the contact face and provide consistent pressure for welding. Class 2 copper adapter is offered with choice of swivel heads.

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New LPM Slide


Welker introduces a new slide to its popular LP series compact rail slides, the LPM. Offered in strokes up to 495mm, it features aluminum carriage & base plate with fixed metal shroud to protect rails from contaminants. Low profile design provides up to 250 lb load capacity. LP Series slides use Welker Smart Stop for sensing and stopping. Ideal for model select or single weld gun application.

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New Floating Micro Pin

Welker introduces a new micro pin, the NMP. Parts are loaded when integrated pneumatic actuator is engaged and pin is centered. When unit is pneumatically retracted, pin has a 1.5mm radial float, reducing pin wear and part bind when unloading part. Floating feature is shielded to resist contaminants. Available with choice of three body styles.

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New Pass-Thru Ground Block

The S03013 is a compact, spring actuated ground block that can be mounted directly to tooling. Pass-thru design moves cable away from contact face. Center rod is electrically insulated from mounting block. Improves weld quality by providing consistent ground. Choice of four Class 2 copper swivel head styles.

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New Manual Bull Pin Option

A manual hand wheel option is now available for the HP5 Bull Pin. Anti-rotate rotate design is ideal for manual & prototype builds and CMM rooms. An ACME lead screw is used in place of standard pneumatic or hydraulic cylinder.

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Welker Z World Switch

Welker is pleased to announce the Z World Switch, an economical option now available on many standard products. The Z switch is an inductive sensor for use in harsh environments, such as direct- and alternating-field welding systems. Chicklet-style sensors mount internally and offer a choice of extend or retract positioning.

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New Team Leaders

Welker's owner, Dale Van Wulfen, has stepped down from President & CEO after 47 years. He remains active with the company as Chairman & CFO. Leading the way in 2020 is the executive team of Wendell Browning as President, Scot Bigelow as Sales & Marketing Manager, Ken Hagan as Engineering Manager and Robert Gilkes as new Plant Manager.

Arriving in November of 2019, Gilkes brings a mechanical engineering degree plus 25 years of manufacturing operations and management experience. He has a successful track record of continuous improvements in quality, on-time delivery and cost reduction initiatives. We look forward to his leadership in strengthening Welker's operational performance.


Welker at Waste Expo

Welker exhibited with CIP at the Waste Expo, May 7-9 in Las Vegas. Columbia Industrial Products, CIP, is a sister company of Welker located in Eugene, Oregon. CIP manufactures composite bearings and wear materials used throughout the Welker product line, offering an environmentally friendly solution that reduces or eliminates the need for subsequent grease lubrication.



FIRST Robotics Sponsorship

Welker is a proud sponsor of FIRST Robotics Canada's robot competitions. First Robotics is a charitable organization that inspires young people through STEM mentorship programs.

Ontario division winners of this year's competition, Destination: Deep Space, will be heading to Detroit for the World Championship Qualifier.



New Product: Flex Pivot

Welker's pneumatic power pivot allows up to 90째 of travel. Opening and mounting angles are manually adjustable in 15째 increments. With fixed side mounting, the Flex Pivot offers a choice of movable mounting styles: blade or flat. The unit can be mounted horizontally or vertical. Options include Welker Smart Stops, weld field immune cylinder switch, manual t-handle lockout pin, and locking or non-locking 100mm bore pneumatic cylinder.


Welker exhibiting at Fabtech 2018

Welker will be in Atlanta for this year's Fabtech Expo, November 6-8. The expo is North America's largest metal forming, fabricating, welding and finishing event. Welker's booth C13574 is located in the welding area of Hall C, Georgia World Congress Center. Sales engineers will be on hand to help visitors learn how to make their welding and assembly processes more efficient and cost effective.



Welker exhibiting at IMTS 2018

Welker will be in Chicago for this year's IMTS, September 10-15. The International Manufacturing Technology Show is North America's largest manufacturing event. Welker will be in booth 121180, located in level 2 of the East Building, McCormick Center. New this year is an operating display featuring popular Welker components in action. Sales engineers will be on hand to help visitors learn how to make their welding and assembly processes more efficient and cost effective.



Welker hires John Ward as Sales Engineer

Welker is pleased to welcome John Ward to the Sales Team. John has been in the automotive tooling field for 35 years, with the last 22 plus years working for KUKA Systems in mechanical design, project management and as a project engineer within the FCA group.
John also worked for Wisne design in the late eighties through the mid-nineties.


New Product Release: Transfer Pin

The Welker TMP Transfer Pin is ideal for end effectors and mounts directly to end-of-arm tooling (EOAT). TMP's concave pin tip meets the fixture's locating pin and maintains spring force contact, while the clamp lifts and transfers part to EOAT. The pin-to-pin transfer unit allows use of the same holes in parts without using nontolerance holes. The TMP accommodates 10-20mm diameter pins.

Upcoming Events
  • Lunch-n-Learn: Call us if you'd like to learn more about our products. A light lunch is provided for your group to enjoy during a presentation by a Welker Sales Team member, followed by a discussion of key interests.



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